CHASING STARS (YA contemporary romance)

As the daughter of a deceased rock star, seventeen-year-old Kendall MacNamara has grown up in the public eye. And she resents every freaking minute of it. Mourning the loss of her father is hard enough, but add in Spencer, her ex-boyfriend who wants her back and won’t take no for an answer, Kendall has just about all she can handle. When she finds out her father’s death might not have been an accident, she’ll do anything to the truth–even if it means trusting Liam, the nephew of her mom’s business partner.

Expelled from boarding school for gambling, Liam Price is forced to live with his aunt. Despite her rules, he’s unable to give up poker. He strikes a deal to help Spencer get Kendall back in exchange for poker rations. No problem…until Liam realizes he’s in love with Kendall. But backing out of the deal isn’t so easy when he loses big and Spencer refuses to fold. For Liam and Kendall, finding her dad is the key that will either solidify their relationship or drive them apart for good.



After causing the accident that killed her boyfriend, Brendan, and a grief-stricken suicide attempt, seventeen-year-old Noelle returns to school ready to start over. While her old friends aren’t exactly welcoming her back, newcomer Cameron Kennedy is.

As Noelle and Cameron grow closer, she starts hearing Brendan’s voice and finding apples, a symbol of their most private romantic moment. Unsure if it’s Brendan’s jealous ghost haunting her or her own guilt driving her crazy, she’ll have to figure out what’s real, what isn’t, and what really happened the night Brendan died before she loses Cameron. But it’s Cameron’s secret that could cost Noelle what matters most—her life.